The Wisdom of the Chakra's January 16, 2019

The Chakra Map  

Chakras are centers or vortexes of energy and consciousness along the spine that govern and influence our health and relationships to the world. There are seven major chakras, each with their own color and frequency. Each Chakra is energetically connected to a fundamental relationship to life. "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word for "Wheel", meaning wheel of light, which describes the movement; a spinning disk of light or energy that permeates the body. The Chakra's exist in the subtle body and connect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. When the chakras are blocked we can be blocked not only energetically but physically and well, as each chakra also corresponds with a major nerve or endocrine group. Disturbances in the subtle body manifest in the physical body. Understanding and creating a relationship with your own energy body allows us to open, clear and create lasting change in our body and our world and free ourselves at the source; which is in ALL of us. It is a powerful diagnostic tool, not only for yourself but also for others that you may be connecting with.  

The Seven Power Centers  

Each power center has a color, location, element, relationship to life, that which brings it into disharmony and a Tantric key. The Tantric Keys are amazing tools that unlock the energy of the chakras and brings them into the expression of their power. Each also has a corresponding sound or "Bijia Mantra" (Bijia means seed syllable in Sanskrit and Mantra is a Sacred Word or syllable that when spoken vibrates powerfully, makes space and clears away congestion) that represents the frequency or harmonic of that chakra. The metaphor for the "Seed" is hidden potential. The potential for full expression of the self is hidden within each chakra. With understanding, utilizing tools such as sound, and the Tantric Keys, that power blossoms into fullness and helps to create a reality that reflects the expression of the true potential of ourselves or the person we're working with.  

1. Root Chakra ~Muladhara (means Root Support), (1st Chakra) is located at the base of the spine. It is related to survival, safety, and basic human needs (such as food, water, shelter and love). It represents our connection to the earth and all of our earthly needs. It is the lowest vibrational energy in our bodies and is somewhat primitive and primal and can be said that it is correlated to our "animal instincts" and being that we are mammals, we too are part of the animal kingdoms.  

Color... Red Location... Base of the spine, Perineum, tail bone on down, legs and feet Glands... Reproductive glands and sex hormones Element... Earth, earth energy Governs... Survival, well being, vitality, safety, trust, self preservation, grounded-ness Relationships... Money, job, home Rights... To be here, to have prosperity and presence Disharmony... Fear, Paranoia, defensiveness Tantric Key... Surrender Bija Mantra... Lam  

2. Sacral Chakra ~ Svahdhisthana (means dwelling place of the Self), (2nd Chakra) is located at the top of the sacrum. It governs sexual relationships, violence, addictions, base emotional needs, and sexual pleasure. It is said to be our "sexuality center" and is connected to our reproductive organs and our biological need to procreate. When balanced, we experience creativity, and expansiveness. When not balanced, we experience intense sexual desires but not in a healthy manor. When we are feeling "horny" it is probably because our sexual energy is suppressed, pent up and/or stuck in our second chakra and needs to be released or moved in some manor. Usually through the release of "Orgasm" but also with other creative means as well, such as art, music, dance, etc...  

Color... Orange Location... Lower Abdomen, genitals Glands... Adrenals, regulates immunity and metabolism Element... Water, water energy Governs... Emotional/feeling body, creativity, sexuality Relationships... to other; through feeling, desire, sensation Rights... to feel, to express emotions, needs, desires and wants Disharmony... Shame, hinders our ability to feel ourselves and others Tantric Key... Awareness Biji Mantra... Vam  

3. Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra ~Manipura (means city of Gems), (3rd Chakra) is located in the spine behind the navel. It is the source of personal power, and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. It has many correlations to our emotions, feelings, gut instincts, and will power. Have you ever heard someone say that they felt "sick to their stomach" when they were nervous or scared about something? Its good to get in touch with this chakra when we are feeling emotional about something but not quite sure what it is. When balanced, we are feeling emotionally content and that all is well in the world. When not balanced, we may feel depression, anxiety and emotional upheaval.  

Color... Yellow Location... Solar Plexus Glands... Pancreas, regulates metabolism Element... Fire, fire energy Governs... Self definition, self identity, sense of self, self awareness, self-esteem, and ego. Relationship... to self Rights... to Act, to innovate, to be free Disharmony... Guilt, victimization Tantric Key... Movement Bija Mantra... Ram  

4. Heart Chakra ~Anahata (means unstuck cord), (4th Chakra) is located in the spine, in between the shoulder blades. It unites the lower chakras with the higher chakras. At the center of the human energy body, the heart chakra is the source of love and connectivity. The type of love that we think of when we speak of the heart chakra is unconditional love, kindness, tenderness, compassion, and forgiveness. This is not necessarily romantic love as that can be misconstrued with sexual love and is more so based in the 2nd chakra. But it can still be connected with intimacy and feelings of connectedness. When balanced we feel LOVE in its truest form, unconditionally. We feel happy, joyful and content. When not balanced, we feel sadness, anger, discontentment, and disconnectedness. We may feel lonely and isolated from ourselves, others and Divinity.  

Color...Green Location... Heart Glands... Thymus, regulates immune system Element... Air Governs... Self acceptance, LOVE and balance Relationship... to self and others Rights... To Love and be loved Disharmony... Grief Tantric Key... Breath Bija Mantra... Yam  

5. Throat Chakra ~Visudda (means purity), (5th chakra) is located in the throat. It is the source of verbal expression and governs our ability to speak our highest truth. When balanced, our actions, thoughts, feelings, and speech are fully integrated. When not balanced, it may be difficult to communicate what our thoughts, feelings and needs are both internally and verbally. Our throat chakra is the catalyst to putting our thoughts and feelings into words and language so that we can verbalize what we are observing, thinking, feeling and needing in the moment.  

Color... Sky blue Location... Throat Glands... Thyroid; regulates temperature and metabolism Element... Sound Governs... Communication and truth Relationship... To truth Rights... To Speak and Hear Truth Disharmony... Lies and misinformation Tantrik Key... Sound Bija Mantra... Ham  

6. Third Eye Chakra ~Ajna (means to perceive and also to command), (6th chakra) is located in the mid-mind between the eyebrows. It is said that our third eye is the gateway between the seen and the un-seen, the tangible and the un-tangible worlds. It is our connections to our dreams, visions, and intuition. It is our connection to our higher-selves, our spirit guides and the angelic realm. When balanced, we have mastery over our thoughts, ideas, concepts, and experience wisdom. When Un-balanced, we may experience confusion, frustration, brain fog, cognitive dissonance, and nightmares.  

Color... Indigo Location... Third Eye, brow center Glands... Pituitary, governs all 5 glands and produces hormones Element... Light Governs... Intuition, and imagination Relationship... Self-reflection Rights... To See Clearly Disharmony... Illusion Tantric Key... Intention Bija Mantra... Om  

7. Crown Chakra ~Sahasrara (means thousand petaled), (7th chakra) is located at the crown of the head. It governs enlightenment and our connection to divinity and limitless knowledge. The crown chakra is the porthole in which divine consciousness travels through. It is our connection to God/Goddess or the Divine Source of all Creation. Just as our root chakra is our connection to the earth, the crown chakra is our connection to the heavens, the cosmos, or the universe. When balanced, we feel the interconnectedness of ALL things. We feel at peace with ourselves, others, the world around us and life beyond our comprehension. We feel the oneness that the Buddha talks about when we become enlightened beings. When not balanced, we feel separate from one another, disconnected to ourselves, others and the Divine. We live in a state of confusion about what is right and wrong, good or bad. We live in a state of fear and turmoil.  

Color... Purple Location... Crown, top of head Gland... Pineal gland; regulates biological cycles, sleep Element... Cosmic Source Governs... Knowledge and understanding Relationship... Self-realization Rights... To Know, to have a personal relationship to Source Disharmony... attachment Tantric Key... Acceptance Bija Mantra... Silent Om