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I have been a student, practitioner, teacher, coach, and priestess of the ancient healing art of Tantra for over 23yrs and am excited to share my wisdom and knowledge with you. 

With a certification of over 600hrs from the National Holistic Institute in Berkley CA and many years as a trained, certified and experienced Tantrica, I will take you on a journey of self discovery, healing, relaxation, self empowerment, and bliss that you won't soon forget. 


Session Offerings

Tantric Healing I combine various techniques of touch, body-work, breath-work and energy-work, along with guided meditation, visualization, chakra balancing, kundalini activation and so much more, to jumpstart your "Spiritual Awakening".

Tantric Coaching Retreats Enjoy a deep-dive healing exploration with me between 1-3 days. This is for anyone who is ready to go deeper, do their inner work, shadow work and to come to a place of self realization and liberation, not only within the bounds of sexuality but within life in general.

Goddess Worship A Goddess worship session is a combination of both giving and receiving in a Tantric Ritual of worshiping and honoring the “Divine Feminine”. Where not only will you be learning how to worship the Goddess but where YOU will also be learning how to “be worshiped by HER”. 

Dark Tantra: BDSM, Fetish & Kink Here we will be able to explore domination, submission, respect, trust, surrender and the relinquishment of power and control. In a safe, sacred space, you will be able to consciously connect to your deepest self and integrate the light and the dark within you, helping you intimately connect with your passionate inner erotic and sensual being.. 


Where does Tantra Come from ?  

Tantra is an ancient spiritual yoga practice and philosophy. It has been denoted from many different area's of the east. Some scholars believe that it began in the Indus Valley (Pakistan and northwestern India) between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago, when the earliest yoga texts, the Vedas, were written. But Tantra did not come into common practice until the fourth century, after Patanjali's classical yoga flourished.  

What does Tantra Mean?  

Tantra is a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation. Meaning "to weave" in Sanskrit, the term is derived from two words: tanoti, which means "to stretch" or "to expand," and trayati, which means "liberation."  

Tantra can be defined as the path that leads to liberation. Contrary to the popular belief in the Western world, tantra does not advocate uninhibited sex. Tantric practices generate sexual energy and purify the energetic body.  

As a life-embracing philosophy, Tantra consists of various practices, including spirituality, love, sexual union and social life, in order to achieve one's spiritual aspirations.  

The "tools" one may use in a Tantric practice include mudras, mantras, prayers, meditation and other yogic practices that purify both the body and soul. Sexual energy is involved in the practices of some Tantrics.  

The philosophy of Tantra has influenced various faiths, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Tantric rituals expand consciousness and liberate the practitioner from the physical level of existence.  


What is the purpose of Tantra?  

Tantric practices, including Tantra yoga, work on the subtle energies within the body to enhance spiritual growth and physical wellbeing. Through the exploration of these energies and their connection to the universe, the purpose of life and the connection to others can be understood in a new dimension.  

As quoted by Danny Argeutty of Doyouyoga.com,  

"Tantra is a word commonly thrown around in the yoga world, and let's face the facts. What do you think about when someone says, "Tantra?" Sex.  

There is nothing wrong with this association, as the Tantric worldview encompasses physical intimacy and connection, but it is also very limiting as the tradition contains much greater texture and dimension.  

The Tantra is a vast tradition that represents many diverse schools and thoughts. This philosophical system began to take root in India around the seventh century, and ranges from more orthodox schools, which have structured rituals, meditations, and teacher-based initiations, to more liberal schools which have a reputation for defying social norms and using sexual practices as ritual, which is where the Tantra as sex association began.  

The points to follow are from the point-of-view of the Rajanaka Tantra lineage -- a more centric school -- which embraces many Tantric teachings and makes them applicable to daily life.  

Here are five key reasons for you to practice Tantra outside of your bedroom": Please follow this link to learn more: https://www.doyouyoga.com/creators/darguetty/  

I encourage you to do your own research on the subject of Tantra and see what come's up for you. I believe that when we set our minds on something there is no telling what the universe will guide you to. Life is a journey in which we should never settle on one thought form or belief system just because someone in your past told you to. When we stop allowing ourselves to grow exponentially, we limit ourselves to information that may be outdated and no longer working in our modern day world. Think about the wars that have been fought in the name of religion just because we are to stubborn to CHANGE, grow, learn, and EVOLVE. Allow your mind to expand, and your heart to open to the possibilities beyond what you think you know. There is a better place for all of humanity to be and we can create it by becoming evolutionary allies together. Lets start now!!!



Please allow me to introduce myself. I go by "Lady Layla" (but you can just call me Layla), I have been on this "Sacred Tantric Journey" my whole entire life and I know that I was brought into this world to share this amazing gift for growth, transformation and spiritual awakening with my fellow humans. Every single thing that I have done, that I have encountered and experienced has led me to this very moment and I am honored beyond words to share this journey with you.  

I was born in October of 1966, during a very turbulent time in our nation. I was brought up on the East Coast in a quite little suburban neighborhood in P.G. county MD, just outside of Wash. DC. My ancestry is Sicilian and I was raised Catholic. I lived a very sheltered life until I was old enough to think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings. I wanted to know more about life so when I was 21, I moved to San Fransisco in 1988. I was young, carefree, wild, rebellious, and reckless. I had learned many lessons the hard way, through trial and tribulation and I don't regret one moment of it. And even though it has left many scars that will probably last a lifetime, I can honestly say that when I give you advice about life's hardships, that I "speak from experience"! and know how painful memories can inhibit our wellbeing. I am still on an healing journey... one that will probably never end and I am happy to share myself with you in the deepest of ways, as Raw, Real, Genuine and Authentic as I can be. I am only human, just like you and I make no claims to be anymore enlightened than anyone else. But if experience could speak volumes, then I have a whole Encyclopedia Britannica to share with you.  

I learned about Tantra after graduating from Massage School in Northern CA and moving to an intentional spiritual community called The Church of New Age Being. It was also a hot-springs resort called Harbin Hot Springs in the little town of Middletown in Lake County CA, where I lived, worked and learned more about life in the 8 short years that I lived there before moving to Asheville NC in 2001, where I continue to be a student, practitioner, healer, Tantrica, Dakini, and priestess of the sacred healing art of Tantra. It is my vocation and my honor to share my talents and wisdom with those of you who feel divinely guided to this very special path of enlightenment.  


Please take a moment to read my blog on subjects that are not only important to me but also important to the enhancement of human growth and development. We are entering an new phase in "spiritual evolution" that will bring about the liberation of our species and its importance to our survival on this plane of existence.  

Divine Femininity

March 29, 2018

Sacred Sexuality

February 14 2019

The Wisdom of the Chakras

January 19, 2019

Body Worship

December 6, 2018

Divine Masculinity

November 1, 2018

lllusion of Separation

November 1, 2018


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Divine Femininity  

March 29, 2019  

Lets start with the word "Divine", what does it mean? Well if you google it, the first definition that comes up is this... Divine, definition; of or relating to "a god", especially the "Supreme Being". In this definition you will see that relating to "a god" (not capitalized), reflects that there could be more than one "god", perhaps even "gods AND goddess's"... or, on the contrary, that there is only one God or what is called a "Supreme Being". And even then, God or Supreme Being is capitalized, where the idea that there is more then one god is not.  

So, with that being said, where does "Divine Femininity" even come into play? For so long, even since the dawn of time, we have been conditioned to believe that there is nothing divine about the feminine whatsoever, and that only the masculine can be denoted as divine. It is also believed that women were solely created in order to serve men in this existence. However, that could only work in a realm where we only live on/in a plane of "duality": (ie, right/wrong, up/down, day/night, etc...) however, being that there are "many dimensions" in our "multi-dimensional universe", this concept doesn't work out so well. So for someone (men) to try and force it to work, makes it even more difficult to manifest into actual reality.  

Lets put it this way, we are "humans" first and foremost, not just men and/or women. We encompass both male and female hormones and therefore are NOT just one or the other gender. This is where "sex" comes into play... because most people feel the NEED to connect sexually with the "perceived" opposite sex in order to feel the connection that they believe they are lacking in themselves. We unknowingly long for, desire, and yearn for "UNION" between the masculine and the feminine energies so that we can feel “at one” with the universe, the place in which (y)our soul or spirit came from in the first place. And that is why having sex is like "going home" to the Divine Source of ALL Creation. So to make one gender "less-then" or "inferior" to the other is a dangerous game for those who choose to partake in that illusion.  

Conditioning runs DEEP in the entire world, not just here in America. There are probably not to many places where "humans" can just be "humans" and are not expected to fulfill their traditional gender roles. According to wikipedia, "a gender role, also known as a sex role, is a social role encompassing a range of behaviors and attitudes that are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex. Gender roles are usually centered on conceptions of femininity and masculinity, although there are exceptions and variations. The specifics regarding these gendered expectations may vary substantially among cultures, while other characteristics may be common throughout a range of cultures. There is ongoing debate as to what extent gender roles and their variations are biologically determined, and to what extent they are socially constructed.  

So lets take a look at some of the "perceived" roles of a girl, woman, lady, female. Generally speaking, from day one, females are conditioned to dress, talk, act and live their lives according to the stereotype's of that of a female. Females are taught to behave in certain ways that make them distinctively feminine, such as not talking to loudly, only speaking when spoken to, doing as they are told and not questioning a males authority, wearing their hair long as apposed to men who wear their hair short, wearing a dress, as apposed to men, who wear pants (thus the saying, "who wears the pants in the family"?)... and on and on it goes. Though these gender norms are shifting and changing as humanity grows and evolves, there is still an undercurrent that can be felt far and wide. And especially in today's society where social media platforms such as the #metoo movement and other feminist movements are making it quite clear that women no longer wish to be treated as submissive, subservient, sexual objects, only put upon this earth to serve men's wants, desires, fantasies, longings and needs.  

However, because we are creatures of habit and because we don't always know how to move out of, or away from these, “stereotypes”, "gender role's" and "societal norms", we tend to stay in them and act them out to the best of our abilities, not always knowing or even understanding why we do it. We just blindly go about our business, doing what our parents, teachers and religious institutions, taught us to do. And as well, are we not also influenced by television, movies, magazines, news papers and advertising? Its very difficult to find "OURSELVES" when we are constantly being bombarded by outside stimuli telling us how we “should be”. So as human women, we do whatever we have to do in this world in order to survive. We wear makeup, style our hair, put on sexy clothes (including low cut dresses, stockings, lingerie, and high heels) in order to attract a mate to procreate with, because, THAT, after-all is what were supposed to be doing, right? The answer to that question (in my humble opinion) is NO!!! However, being that we have this undeniable biological need to survive, most women have learned to utilize this power in order to get what they think they want. This is what I call “TOXIC FEMININITY”! But using our sexuality to manipulate others into getting what we think want is NOT a healthy pattern to adopt. Its nothing less the selling our souls to the devil.  

We have betrayed our own hearts, souls and spirits in order to survive. We have lost touch with our purpose and the meaning of life in general. We have given in, given up, and given our power away for way to long. We don't even know how to "feel our own feelings" anymore, let alone "ask for what we need" in order to “thrive”... not just survive. You can tell the difference between “Divine Femininity” and “Toxic Femininity” just by observing her actions, listening to her words and feeling her energy. Toxic Femininity is usually very shallow and only concerned with things like material possessions, financial security, physical appearance, power over others, ego gratification, status, competition, winning, jealousy, etc.. you get the picture right? Divine Femininity is only concerned with things like self-love and self-care in the form of diet, exercise, and taking care of her health and well-being in oder to “feel” good: mentally, emotionally, and psychologically as well as physically. Divine Femininity is also concerned with the health and well-being of others as well as her own. She is kind, caring, loving, nurturing, empathic and compassionate. She is tender yet, stern in her convictions. She is determined to make the world a better place though displaying the feminine qualities of love, kindness, tenderness, compassion and concern for herself AND others. Yet, she also has a strong sense of self that she is not willing to discard in order to please others or fulfill others needs without sacrificing her own. She is humble and vulnerable and has the ability to open her heart as well as her mind to understand herself and others. She is a force to be recked with. She is unwavering when it comes to things like justice, balance, and harmony... not only in “her world” but in the “WHOLE world”. She see's humanity as her family and wants to heal it, love it, and nurture it back to the wholeness that is was always meant to be. She is a “GOD-DESS” in the truest sense of the word. She is Divine Femininity personified!  

Sacred Sexuality February 14, 2019  

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the words “Sacred Sexuality”? Not to be confused with “Sacred SEX”. Our “Sexuality” is something that is inherent in each and every one of us. We are born with it and we are born from it. Yet somehow, sex has become a dirty word. For thousands of years, sex has been looked at as something that is immoral, dirty, sinful, disgusting, shameful, taboo, etc… Yet, everyone is so utterly obsessed with sex.  

So are we just going around feeling bad about our sexual thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, and actions? Why do we feel so much shame and guilt around our sexuality and what can we do to overcome it? There is indeed much healing that needs to takes place around this subject. Most likely, most of us have been raised to believe that sex should only take place between a husband and a wife and that sex outside of marriage is a SIN. There are even laws in some states that say “Fornication” (sex before marriage) and “Adultery” (sex outside of marriage) is illegal and punishable by law and not only that, but we may also be punished by God for these acts of perversion and infidelity. Its no wonder that so many of us have feelings of guilt and shame around our sexuality when for so long we have been made to deny our sexual feelings to abide by these laws and morals.  

In the realm of Tantra we learn that our sexuality is sacred and that through sexual union and sexual energy, otherwise know as “life-force energy”, we have a direct connection with the Divine Source of all Creation. It is my own personal belief that humans are incarnations of this “Divine Source” and that each and everyone of us comes from its essence or energy, if you will. If God, lets call it “The Divine Source” (for the sake of a non-bias definition or explanation) created the universe and therefor IS the universe itself, then each and every atom, and every molecule that makes up matter both seen and unseen, big and small, dark and light, male and female, etc… is interconnected. There is NO-thing that is not part of this Divine Source. Our minds cannot fathom this and therefore wants to compartmentalize things in order to make sense of them. Especially thousands of years ago, when we were not evolved enough to see the bigger picture, so to speak. We devised a system of check's and balances in order to create, well ORDER!. We felt the need for order in a world of chaos and destruction in the midst of primal, animalistic, survival mode. So humans began to tell stories about gods and goddess's, demons and angels, spirits and sprites, etc… trying desperately to understand where they came from and what or who created them and everything that they could see, taste, touch, smell and hear. To this day, humans are still trying to figure out the mystery of creation, which to this day, we can still only speculate. Every culture has a creation myth that has tried to explain this, yet not one of them has ever proven it to be true or fact. Even Science cannot prove the creation of the universe and our purpose as humans within the scope of it. Yet, we keep on trying to figure it out. WHY? Why do we need to have proof that God(s) or science is real? Why cant we just accept it for what it is… an eternal mystery that only becomes more and more mysterious and complex as we continue to question, grow, learn, and evolve. So, where does Sacred Sexuality fit into this equation you may ask? Good question!  

According to Tantric texts, our sexuality is the gateway between this world (the seen) and the world beyond (the unseen) and even though it is still a mystery, there is no denying that the creation of a human life is nothing less than a miracle. For the seed of a man and the egg of a woman to come together in sacred sexual union and be able to create another human life (you, me, us) is truly remarkable, is it not? And yet we treat sex like something as casual as eating or sleeping. We either learned through religion that sex is ONLY for meant procreation by a husband and a wife, or we learned through pornography that sex is ONLY for pleasure and sexual gratification, once again compartmentalizing... not seeing sex or sexuality for what it truly is… a sacred union with the Divine Source of all Creation. Neither religion, nor pornography has it right, though I will beg to differ that religion probably is closer to it than pornography. However, for religion to put restrictions on something that is so utterly powerful as sexual energy, has done it just as much injustice as pornography. When one tries to “control” any kind of energy, let alone sexual energy, they are playing with fire and will eventually get burned or electrocuted, either way its not a very smart idea. While I do understand what religion was trying to do by creating the “Holy Sacrament of Matrimony”, what they did not understand was that to hold someones sexual desires back by making it a sin outside of marriage, would only serve to make the desire for it that much stronger. Thus the birth of the profane, in other words, pornography. I mean who, after-all, wants to be made to feel guilt or shame around sexual pleasure?  

Sacred Sexuality is the Divine Union of the Masculine energy (Shiva), or pure consciousness and the Feminine energy (Shakti), or pure matter and we as humans embody both masculine and feminine energy because we are born in the likeness of the Creator which is ALL encompassing. We have both masculine and feminine hormones... and even though men have more testosterone and women have more estrogen, we still have a little of the both in order to help us better understand the other gender. This is why it is so important not to shame others that feel as though they were born in the opposite genders body. Some of us may have an over production of male hormones, even though we were born in the body of a female... and some of us may have an over production of female hormones, even though we were born in the body of a male.  

In retrospect, we are all just “HUMAN”… and because we as humans merely want to connect with that which we came from… the Divine Source, we should be allowed to express that however it feels right to us, no matter what tradition says or how societal norms are projected onto us. One of the most potent ways to do this is not only through sex, but especially through “orgasm”. Orgasm is the glue that binds us to Source and probably the main reason we are all so utterly addicted to and obsessed with sex. Because we feel so separated from this source and we are constantly wanting to be reunited with it. I once heard someone say, “What is the one word people scream out the most during an orgasm”? You guessed it, “OH GOD”, or oh my god!!!… because that is exactly what is happening when we are “coming”!!! We are experiencing the “ONE-ness that we once came from before we took a human form. There is nothing more wonderful, more amazing, and more exciting than that moment when we lose ourselves in the powerful, blissful, ecstasy of orgasm, is there not? You might even say that we live for it. So why are we not celebrating it, honoring it, worshiping it? Its because we are so completely and utterly disconnected from it and Tantra is the path of liberation that brings us back to it. So why, you may ask, is Tantra not the more predominant spiritual practice in our world today? Its really quite simple… because the “powers that be”, otherwise known as “organized religion” saw it as a direct threat to their own power and did what ever it took to take that power away from the people and usurp it as their own for their own selfish, self-centered and self-righteous reasons. Somehow they must have known that this would give people a direct connection with this Divine Source and that they would have no need for a hierarchy to answer to in the form of sin, fear, guilt, shame, and punishment. Organized religion took what was initially SACRED and turned it into the PROFANE! What better way to get people to do your bidding then to threaten them with fear of punishment for their thoughts, feelings, needs and actions?  

Which brings me to my next subject… “Non Violent Communication” or NVC. There are two things that every single human being on this planet has in common and that is FEELINGS & NEEDS. No matter where we were born, what color our skin is, whether we were born in a male body or a female body, what religion we were raised in, what politics you were conditioned to believe in, etc... Most of us grew up in a world where our feelings have gone unacknowledged and our needs have gone unmet. We learned manipulative strategies to get our needs met, sometimes not even realizing what those needs were in the first place. Most of our needs are connected to our feelings which again, we were taught to push down and not express for fear of ridicule, embarrassment, harassment, etc… we learned to put walls up to protect ourselves from being hurt and our feelings from being exposed. Unfortunately, this has done humanity a grave disservice by not allowing us to truly connect with others on a deeper level. We go around trying to defend our traditions and beliefs like our lives depend on it because its the only thing we know how to do. It makes us feel safe because it gives a false sense of “purpose” to our lives. But are we really and truly satisfied with that? When I look around at the state of the world i'm inclined to say NO, we are not satisfied, in fact, we are quite the opposite. But what can we do to change it? First lesson, its NOT about changing others to believe in what we believe in. Second lesson, its ONLY about changing ourselves and what we were taught to believe in. Its about getting in touch with our feelings, then seeing what our needs are according to those feelings and learning how to go about getting those needs met, not out of manipulation but out of the goodness of our hearts and souls. This is no easy task for the average person. This requires a whole new way of thinking and especially “feeling” that we never even new was possible. But what if we had a tool for communication that allowed us to express our feelings and needs and also helped us to empathize with the feelings and needs of others? Would you want to learn? It took me 52 years to come to understand Non Violent Communication and I am here to tell you, that it saved my life. Its still not easy to communicate non-violently in a world that was conditioned, trained and groomed to communicate in the opposite manner. But when you really take the time to listen, learn, change, and grow, I know you will see what we've been missing out on for so long. Give me the opportunity to share this gift with you and hopefully we can change the world to be a better place one heart at a time and bring back the sacredness to our sexuality and our humanity.  

The Wisdom of the Chakra's January 16, 2019

The Chakra Map  

Chakras are centers or vortexes of energy and consciousness along the spine that govern and influence our health and relationships to the world. There are seven major chakras, each with their own color and frequency. Each Chakra is energetically connected to a fundamental relationship to life. "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word for "Wheel", meaning wheel of light, which describes the movement; a spinning disk of light or energy that permeates the body. The Chakra's exist in the subtle body and connect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. When the chakras are blocked we can be blocked not only energetically but physically and well, as each chakra also corresponds with a major nerve or endocrine group. Disturbances in the subtle body manifest in the physical body. Understanding and creating a relationship with your own energy body allows us to open, clear and create lasting change in our body and our world and free ourselves at the source; which is in ALL of us. It is a powerful diagnostic tool, not only for yourself but also for others that you may be connecting with.  

The Seven Power Centers  

Each power center has a color, location, element, relationship to life, that which brings it into disharmony and a Tantric key. The Tantric Keys are amazing tools that unlock the energy of the chakras and brings them into the expression of their power. Each also has a corresponding sound or "Bijia Mantra" (Bijia means seed syllable in Sanskrit and Mantra is a Sacred Word or syllable that when spoken vibrates powerfully, makes space and clears away congestion) that represents the frequency or harmonic of that chakra. The metaphor for the "Seed" is hidden potential. The potential for full expression of the self is hidden within each chakra. With understanding, utilizing tools such as sound, and the Tantric Keys, that power blossoms into fullness and helps to create a reality that reflects the expression of the true potential of ourselves or the person we're working with.  

1. Root Chakra ~Muladhara (means Root Support), (1st Chakra) is located at the base of the spine. It is related to survival, safety, and basic human needs (such as food, water, shelter and love). It represents our connection to the earth and all of our earthly needs. It is the lowest vibrational energy in our bodies and is somewhat primitive and primal and can be said that it is correlated to our "animal instincts" and being that we are mammals, we too are part of the animal kingdoms.  

Color... Red Location... Base of the spine, Perineum, tail bone on down, legs and feet Glands... Reproductive glands and sex hormones Element... Earth, earth energy Governs... Survival, well being, vitality, safety, trust, self preservation, grounded-ness Relationships... Money, job, home Rights... To be here, to have prosperity and presence Disharmony... Fear, Paranoia, defensiveness Tantric Key... Surrender Bija Mantra... Lam  

2. Sacral Chakra ~ Svahdhisthana (means dwelling place of the Self), (2nd Chakra) is located at the top of the sacrum. It governs sexual relationships, violence, addictions, base emotional needs, and sexual pleasure. It is said to be our "sexuality center" and is connected to our reproductive organs and our biological need to procreate. When balanced, we experience creativity, and expansiveness. When not balanced, we experience intense sexual desires but not in a healthy manor. When we are feeling "horny" it is probably because our sexual energy is suppressed, pent up and/or stuck in our second chakra and needs to be released or moved in some manor. Usually through the release of "Orgasm" but also with other creative means as well, such as art, music, dance, etc...  

Color... Orange Location... Lower Abdomen, genitals Glands... Adrenals, regulates immunity and metabolism Element... Water, water energy Governs... Emotional/feeling body, creativity, sexuality Relationships... to other; through feeling, desire, sensation Rights... to feel, to express emotions, needs, desires and wants Disharmony... Shame, hinders our ability to feel ourselves and others Tantric Key... Awareness Biji Mantra... Vam  

3. Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra ~Manipura (means city of Gems), (3rd Chakra) is located in the spine behind the navel. It is the source of personal power, and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. It has many correlations to our emotions, feelings, gut instincts, and will power. Have you ever heard someone say that they felt "sick to their stomach" when they were nervous or scared about something? Its good to get in touch with this chakra when we are feeling emotional about something but not quite sure what it is. When balanced, we are feeling emotionally content and that all is well in the world. When not balanced, we may feel depression, anxiety and emotional upheaval.  

Color... Yellow Location... Solar Plexus Glands... Pancreas, regulates metabolism Element... Fire, fire energy Governs... Self definition, self identity, sense of self, self awareness, self-esteem, and ego. Relationship... to self Rights... to Act, to innovate, to be free Disharmony... Guilt, victimization Tantric Key... Movement Bija Mantra... Ram  

4. Heart Chakra ~Anahata (means unstuck cord), (4th Chakra) is located in the spine, in between the shoulder blades. It unites the lower chakras with the higher chakras. At the center of the human energy body, the heart chakra is the source of love and connectivity. The type of love that we think of when we speak of the heart chakra is unconditional love, kindness, tenderness, compassion, and forgiveness. This is not necessarily romantic love as that can be misconstrued with sexual love and is more so based in the 2nd chakra. But it can still be connected with intimacy and feelings of connectedness. When balanced we feel LOVE in its truest form, unconditionally. We feel happy, joyful and content. When not balanced, we feel sadness, anger, discontentment, and disconnectedness. We may feel lonely and isolated from ourselves, others and Divinity.  

Color...Green Location... Heart Glands... Thymus, regulates immune system Element... Air Governs... Self acceptance, LOVE and balance Relationship... to self and others Rights... To Love and be loved Disharmony... Grief Tantric Key... Breath Bija Mantra... Yam  

5. Throat Chakra ~Visudda (means purity), (5th chakra) is located in the throat. It is the source of verbal expression and governs our ability to speak our highest truth. When balanced, our actions, thoughts, feelings, and speech are fully integrated. When not balanced, it may be difficult to communicate what our thoughts, feelings and needs are both internally and verbally. Our throat chakra is the catalyst to putting our thoughts and feelings into words and language so that we can verbalize what we are observing, thinking, feeling and needing in the moment.  

Color... Sky blue Location... Throat Glands... Thyroid; regulates temperature and metabolism Element... Sound Governs... Communication and truth Relationship... To truth Rights... To Speak and Hear Truth Disharmony... Lies and misinformation Tantrik Key... Sound Bija Mantra... Ham  

6. Third Eye Chakra ~Ajna (means to perceive and also to command), (6th chakra) is located in the mid-mind between the eyebrows. It is said that our third eye is the gateway between the seen and the un-seen, the tangible and the un-tangible worlds. It is our connections to our dreams, visions, and intuition. It is our connection to our higher-selves, our spirit guides and the angelic realm. When balanced, we have mastery over our thoughts, ideas, concepts, and experience wisdom. When Un-balanced, we may experience confusion, frustration, brain fog, cognitive dissonance, and nightmares.  

Color... Indigo Location... Third Eye, brow center Glands... Pituitary, governs all 5 glands and produces hormones Element... Light Governs... Intuition, and imagination Relationship... Self-reflection Rights... To See Clearly Disharmony... Illusion Tantric Key... Intention Bija Mantra... Om  

7. Crown Chakra ~Sahasrara (means thousand petaled), (7th chakra) is located at the crown of the head. It governs enlightenment and our connection to divinity and limitless knowledge. The crown chakra is the porthole in which divine consciousness travels through. It is our connection to God/Goddess or the Divine Source of all Creation. Just as our root chakra is our connection to the earth, the crown chakra is our connection to the heavens, the cosmos, or the universe. When balanced, we feel the interconnectedness of ALL things. We feel at peace with ourselves, others, the world around us and life beyond our comprehension. We feel the oneness that the Buddha talks about when we become enlightened beings. When not balanced, we feel separate from one another, disconnected to ourselves, others and the Divine. We live in a state of confusion about what is right and wrong, good or bad. We live in a state of fear and turmoil.  

Color... Purple Location... Crown, top of head Gland... Pineal gland; regulates biological cycles, sleep Element... Cosmic Source Governs... Knowledge and understanding Relationship... Self-realization Rights... To Know, to have a personal relationship to Source Disharmony... attachment Tantric Key... Acceptance Bija Mantra... Silent Om

Body Worship December 6, 2018

I wanted to say a little something about "Body Worship" in a blog because I think its an important topic in todays world. It is my belief that our bodies are sacred vessels in which our spirits or souls live and exist and therefor is something that we should treat with the utmost respect, dignity, honor and reverence. In Tantra, we believe that our bodies are something that was given to us by God, aka: The Divine Source of ALL Creation. In other words, our body is our temple, and just like any temple that you would go to to worship the essence of God, it is meant to be worshiped as well. In essence, we are all divine incarnations of God and Goddess... created in the likeness of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles. Shiva (masculine) is seen as "Pure Consciousness" and Shakti (feminine) is seen as "Pure Energy" and together they create[d] the entire universe. All that is seen and unseen come from these Divine aspects of creation itself.  

As we become awakened beings, shedding off the many layers of illusion and conditioning brought on by many centuries of ignorance and naivety, we start to understand that we really are "one with each other". Encompassing both masculine and feminine qualities within our own bodies, we no longer have the need to extract these qualities from the "opposite sex" in order to meet some long forgotten need, because we start to understand that we are not really separate from one another after all, yet we are mirrors to reflect upon the understanding of the divine nature of creation itself.  

It is my belief that somewhere along the line the ego (which constitutes the mind) decided that is was more powerful then the spirit (which constitutes the heart and/or soul) and therefore created this "illusion of separation"... and that because the masculine aspect was physically stronger than that of the feminine aspect, it was somehow more "superior". As a resort, we have been out of balance with the natural cycles of the laws of nature. What do you think happens when we are out of balance with the "Laws of Nature"? Precisely what you see happening in our world today... war, famine, pestilence, death...  

Just as Shiva and Shakti created the universe, they to can destroy it. And because we are living incarnations of these masculine and feminine aspects, it is actually US that is creating and destroying OURSELVES simultaneously... because we have fallen out of balance with the very way things were always meant to be. If we wish to live in harmony with ourselves and others on this planet we MUST make some drastic changes in the ways we think, feel and act, and we must make them quickly before its to late. It is time to stop pitting ourselves against one another and work in unison to create a sense of camaraderie, equality and partnership.  

Therefore, that is exactly what we will be doing during a "Body Worship" session. Treating our bodies like temples where we would go to worship the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles of the universe. This is why Tantra is described as "Sacred Sexuality" or "Conscious Sexuality", because it is truly sacred indeed. A god/goddess given gift to humanity to help know itself or themselves so to speak.  

"Touch" is the main component of a "Body Worship" session. Conscious, loving, nurturing, healing, pleasurable, respectful and aware touch. We must ask ourselves before touching someone else, if we are really ready to give and receive in a way that feels "whole". Not in a way where we are trying to get something in return but in an unconditionally loving way. Where are only purpose is to share our love, our breath, and our energy with the receiver. We must learn to set aside any expectations, agendas or hidden agendas, pre-conceived ideas, and/or motives and learn to open our hearts and minds to the mystery of the moment. We must learn to allow the flow of energy to take over, guiding us from moment to moment in what to do next. Trusting our "intuition" to be our teacher and our "higher selves" to show us the way. If we are not in touch with these very basic elements, then we will only be able to come from our "lower vibrational energy centers", or "Chakra's", ( which I will explain in more detail soon ) and we will not be able to access the feelings of "ONE-ness" so often described in Tantric practices. It is vital to go SLOW and notice the subtle energies that one can experience from learning how to touch and be touched from an experienced and knowledgeable Tantra teacher. Just like any practice, it takes time to learn and truly understand the depths of this wisdom.  

Divine Masculinity November 1, 2018

Divine Masculinity:  

Learn how to cultivate the “Divine Masculine” energy within yourself by first learning what it means. When we ask ourselves what the difference is between Divine Masculine, Masculine and Toxic Masculine, what are we really asking? Lets first start with just “Masculine”… What does it mean to “be masculine” in our world? Traditionally masculine traits are typically this: strong, powerful, dominant, bold, courageous, assertive, aggressive, and sometimes, even violent. Men have been conditioned to be the protector/provider for their families, tribes, communities and countries. They have been bred to fight, even to the death to uphold these values. They have been taught that emotions and feelings are a feminine trait and that if they show their true feelings, it is a sign of weakness and therefor may even see the female as the weaker sex as a direct result of allowing themselves to be vulnerable. This in fact, is how “Toxic Masculinity” was created. So what is “Toxic Masculinity” you may ask? Well this is a relatively new concept but in my opinion but “Toxic Masculinity” is a direct result of hundreds, if not thousands of years of repression, oppression and suppression of mens abilities to access their feelings, emotions and intuition. In fact these things are “human qualities”, not just “feminine qualities” and both men and women have the capability to experience them simultaneously. Same with women being able to experience “masculine qualities” and often have with “The feminist movement”. Men haven't really had a “masculinist movement”… until NOW. Its called “The Divine Masculine movement” and men are starting to wake up to the FACT they are not whole beings, given the opportunity to access the full range of their human qualities, including being a loving, nurturing father, a kind, compassionate neighbor, or a generous, giving friend or family member, in order to be a productive member of society. In fact, the only things that they were taught is that they must be willing to FIGHT and even DIE to uphold “what it means to be a man” in this world.  

This goes all the way back to the creation myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where eve was supposedly created by God from one of Adams ribs. And as a result the women comes from within the man and therefore should be submissive and subservient to him in return for his sacrifice. But this is nothing less then a myth, just like the rest of mythology and should not be taken literally. In fact, I know of another part of the creation myth that was deliberately left out of the bibles and religious texts by the hand of certain men that wanted to be in power because it shows a different story… one that see's men and women as equals. In the Gnostic Gospels the story tells of "Sophia", the feminine face of God who created Lilith, the first woman in the Garden of Eden and "Yahweh", the masculine face of God who created Adam, the first man in the Garden of Eden. Together they lived in harmony until one day Adam fancied himself superior because of his “physical strength” and abilities to carry out tasks that she couldn't. He told Lilith that she needed to submit to him and do as he instructed her to do because of this and that if she didn't God would punish her. She didn't feel the need to do this because she felt that they both had equal standing and there was no reason for Adam to prove is superiority over her inferiority. One day when they were “making love” Adam insisted that Lilith lay still in the missionary position beneath him while taking liberties with her body for his pleasure. Lilith resisted and pulled away, demanding that she too could have what she wanted for her pleasures as well. The couple squabbled and fought over this until Lilith decided to leave the Garden of Eden and set off on her own to find her “equal”. Some say that she was banished and some say that she left of her own volition but ether way Adam was left to his own defenses without a women to provide him any companionship. He threw his hands up in frustration and begged for Yahweh to bring his woman back to the Garden but all his God told him was that he couldn't control her, for she had the “free will” to choose her own destiny. So feeling compassion for Adams predicament, he took a rib from Adams body and created Eve… the equivalent of the “submissive, subservient fe-male” that is described so well in the Judeo-Christian and monotheistic religions we know today as Jewish, Christian and Islam.  

Is it so difficult to believe that when writing the Bible, men took liberties with how “they thought” things “should be” as opposed to the way God (Yahweh) and Goddess (Sophia) actually meant things to be? It is my belief that according to “Natural law, which is a philosophy asserting that certain rights are inherent by virtue of human nature, endowed by nature—traditionally by God or a transcendent source—and that these can be understood universally through human reason”... that every Human being, no matter what color their skin, which region of the world they come from, or whether or not they see themselves as a man or a woman, has the right to choose for themselves how they want to live in accordance with their higher selves? Who are we as individuals to judge anyones else's actions but our own? In retrospect, could it be that we are living out of accordance with God/Goddess's will and are therefor reaping the ills of being out of alignment with our own true selves? Could it be possible that we were truly meant to live in harmony with ourselves, with others, and with all of the natural world that is our home here on the planet earth?  

When I think about how far things have come and how messed up the world has become as a result of mans will to “lord it over” and seek out power for personal gain and self-righteous reasons, it was only natural for me to want to dig down deeper to answer these quintessential questions about masculinity, femininity, and the fate of the human race, which literally lies in the balance of total inhalation and peaceful coexistence. I do believe in Peace on Earth and I believe it begins with each and everyone of us to trust our own instincts and leave the middleman out. Its time that everyone stop relying on OLD systems and belief systems that were set up to undermine our direct connection with the Divine Source of ALL creation, which is NOT just masculine or feminine, but BOTH!!!  

This is where the “The Divine Masculine” comes in. This is where men start to question EVERYTHING that they were conditioned to believe in from day one. From identifying with the status-quo of what a “real man” should look like, act like and ultimately be like in the world according to WHO? It is not our responsibility to follow others based on fear and intimidation. It is only our responsibility to follow our own hearts, minds, emotions, feelings, intuition, and free will when it comes to making decisions and choices for our "highest good". It is my firm belief that when we are forced to do the bidding of someone else based on what they think or say is the right or proper way of doing things, that we give a part of our soul away to them and therefore think that we need the perceived person in power to guide us in the right direction, only to find out that they have been guiding us in the wrong direction to fulfill their own personal, greedy and quite possibly even evil agenda all along. As humanity starts to wake up from the slumber of ignorance and naivety, it is our responsibility to hold those accountable for any wrong doing towards our fellow human beings and show them the right way to live which includes kindness, compassion, charity, and unconditional love. The powers that be might have you believe that those such qualities are “effeminate” and that men shouldn't engage in such things. But I am here to tell you that these qualities are neither masculine nor feminine, but only HUMAN… and are we not human? I ask you this, to look inside and trust your gut instincts when it comes to the fate of the human race... what will YOU do? Will you just stand ideally by and watch as your “toxic masculine” brothers continue to make the same mistakes that have driven humanity to the brink of destruction, being content with just being the “masculine”? Or will you stand up for what you know is right and rise to the elevation of “Divine Masculine” where you are innately in touch with yourself, with your higher self, and with the Divine Source of ALL Creation? Do the right thing and choose wisely. The world is depending on you to protect and provide, not just for your family but for everyones families.  

Illusion of Separation September 26, 2018

Lets face it, we live in a world of "duality"... in other words, "opposites". For example, man and woman, right and wrong, good and evil, day and night, etc... But just because there's a line between these opposites that somehow indicate that they are separate, doesn't mean that they aren't somehow connected with each other... because while we live in this state of supposed duality, we also live in a state of "Symbiosis" as well, where everything is interconnected in its own way. The very definition of Symbiosis is "any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms, be it mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic. The organisms, each termed a symbiont, may be of the same or of different species". So you see, the whole idea of "separation" is just and illusion. Think about is like this: We all walk on the same earth, we all look up at the same sky, sun, moon and stars, we all breath the same air, drink the same water, and eat the same foods that the earth provides for us. We all bleed the same color of red, even though the same blood that is coursing though our veins is blue. We can all see, taste, touch, smell and hear with our five senses. We are all born, grow old and die and therefore are not as different as we are made out to be. But there is a process to everything under the sun. Just like plants cannot live without sun and water, we cannot live without them either.  

Our capacity to understand these things is great indeed, however, from the very beginning of our lives, we have been taught to forget. Why? Why is it that our parents conditioned us to believe in one religion and not ALL of them? Why is it that we were taught to believe in only ONE god and not many or none? Why is it that we were told that men are superior to women and that women should be submissive and subservient to men? Why is it that cultures are divided by class, skin color, race, religion and politics? Why are we taught to hate anyone and anything that is not in alignment with how we were raised? Its so limiting and to me its so frustrating. I believe it has to do with the limited capacity for our brains to hold information. They say that most humans only use 10% of their brain function. Just imagine what it could be like if all of a sudden we could use 100%. We would truly have to evolve way past where we are at now to get to that place. But evolution is a tricky thing. It will happen and IS happening as we speak. It cannot be stopped no matter how much we might want it to or no matter how much we don't believe in it, its going to happen. Yet, we keep fighting against it. Why?  

Evolution is a mystery unto itself. It is the process of life unfolding before our very eyes. My personal belief is that evolution IS GOD... desperately trying to understand itself though its creation. Ive heard it said that God is Love. But if God is love then where did evil come from? And if we are born innocent then taught to hate, where does that hate come from? Could it be a mental construct of the mind or ego? The ego merely wants to be right... and in order for it to do that, it has to make distinctions between what it thinks is right or wrong. It has a limited view of duality brought on by what it is conditioned to believe in. But we are not just our ego's. We are infinite consciousness, ebbing and flowing just like the ocean tides. If we come from God and God is Love, then therefore we are inherently Love/Good and it is only through the heart and the soul that we can come to understand this, not the mind or or ego. The ego is a purely human trait. It is not that of pure consciousness or spiritual awareness. When we die, so does the ego die with us because it is no longer needed to make decisions, distinctions, or discernments in this three dimensional reality. But the consciousness that is our thoughts, memories, and cognitions live on and is transferred back to into the universe to become one with the matrix or the unified field only to be recycled back into another human body at a later time.  

The moral of this story? Stop listening to everything that you've been taught and told and start listening to your heart and soul. 


I currently offer four main types of sessions for both individuals and couples. Deepen your connection to your body and spiritual being with these powerful offerings. I regularly book sessions in Asheville from 12pm-9pm but also travel around the southeast. Please see my travel schedule for more information. 

Please also see the session logistics page for details about appointments, scheduling and suggested donations. 


For Men, Women, Couples and Groups.

Have you ever wondered to yourself: "Is this all there is to life"?  

Have you ever felt the need to go deeper and find out what y(our) purpose as spiritual beings, having a human experience is here on planet earth? Well you're probably not the first and most likely wont be the last to ask these very quintessential questions. Life is the most exciting, interesting and mysterious journey we will ever take and there is so much more to it than meets the eye. 

Allow me to be your guide on this journey of self discovery and self awareness with a "Tantra Healing Session". Here we will combine various techniques of touch, body-work, breath-work and energy-work, along with guided meditation, chakra balancing, kundalini activation and so much more, to jumpstart your "Spiritual Awakening". We will utilize "Timeline Work" to tap into whatever is coming up for you concerning your childhood upbringing, conditioned belief systems, and any Trauma based issues such as guilt, shame, and sexual dysfunctions brought on by abuse. Whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or psychological abuse... as well as verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse (including incest, molestation, rape and sexual harassment or misconduct). 

I work with both survivors and perpetrators to help heal the wounds that keep us stuck in old unhealthy patterns and programs that no longer serve us for our highest good, and keep us from having a positive, healthy attitude toward sex and sexuality. As one of my teachers (Cathleen Cienfuegos) explains, "Tantra Healing Sessions" are a return to wholeness. It is a reintegration of all our lost and damaged parts... parts of us that have gone numb, or are out of balance; parts of us that rest in the shadows, unclaimed or rejected or forgotten. It is a deep return to the wisdom of the body and our energetic blueprint for health and vitality. Sexual healing is about being deeply connected to our personal power and our own creative wellspring so that we may move about in the world with grace, ease and authority. It requires unlearning all the conditioning and stories about who you are that have been given to you from society, culture, and family and to realize and actualize your own unique genius and learn to express that fully. All the stories, trauma, unprocessed feelings and hurts that we've experienced in life are stored and reflected in our bodies. We can clear this energetic and emotional stagnation and super-charge ourselves with sexual, creative life-force energy. Even if you are great with dealing with things as they come up, have had no early trauma, and have no heavy trips laid on you by family, you are probably still carrying the collective understanding of what sexuality is in our world... which is very limited and small! Our culture shaped us, and gives us our values. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between sexual repression and violence. Countries that have extreme and judgmental views about how sexuality should be expressed, and practice suppression are countries that are always engaged in war! Beginning a journey to sexual wholeness is its own type of revolution... A re-evolution for self-expression, creativity, fulfillment, personal power, and quite literally "Peace on Earth"...  


Tantric Coaching Retreats are specifically designed for you to fully immerse yourself into the Tantra experience with your Tantra Coach. This is for anyone who is ready go deeper and do their “inner work”, “shadow work”, and come to a place of “self realization” and liberation, not only within the bounds of sexuality but within life in general… I will have a variety of activities to choose from as leaning tools for intimacy and connection, including healing old traumas, working with conditioned belief systems, emotional release work, breath work, energy work, guided visualization, meditation, compassionate communication, and much much more, to activate your spiritual awakening and get you started on your own personal and spiritual relationship with Divine Source. Whether you are spending 1, 2 or 3 days with me, it is my deepest intention and hope that you will walk away with a plethora of wisdom, knowledge and information that will begin to transform your life in ways you never could have imagined.  

Day One... of your retreat starts in the afternoon and will include an intimate conversation about your thoughts, feelings, needs, expectations, intentions, fears, and desires. It is my truest intention to hold the space for you to drop into your heart and share yourself deeply, openly, honestly, transparently, and vulnerably. Its not every day that we can find someone to share that depth of connection with, so please take this as an opportunity to be real, authentic and genuine with whatever it is that you'd like to work on. This is a rare chance to do the healing work and the inner work on yourself that we all came here to do in order to make ourselves and the world a better place to live in.  

We will then continue with a healing touch session, where you will learn how to relax, let go, and surrender to receiving with out any need to give anything in return. As I have often said, “its just as important to learn how to receive, as it is to learn how to give”. Its also important to learn from receiving by just closing your eyes, taking deep, slow, intentional breaths, and being present with the touch and how it feels. Paying attention to where my hands are going on your body, how much pressure i'm using, what part of my hands, arms, or body is touching yours. You can learn so much about how to give just from receiving  

During the session, we sill start off with some breath and energy-work to still our minds and drop into our bodies. We, as humans, spend so much time in our heads on a daily basis that most of us don't even know whats its like to just be in our bodies and feel the sensations of pleasure, joy, happiness, wisdom, relaxation, connection, intimacy, gratification, and contentment that comes from receiving loving, nurturing, healthy, sensual, erotic, and healing touch from someone who is being fully present with us.  

I will include a guided meditation of channeled information from Divine Source that is meant for just you to hear. Allow me to be the channel for this information to come through as I move my hands across your skin and along your body, relaxing your muscles, and calming your mind and spirit. We will begin to move old, stuck, stagnant energy that is keeping you from allowing fresh new life force energy to flow through the energy channels (meridians) in your body.  

We will then move into activating your Chakras (see my blog on “The Wisdom of the Chakra's”) Starting with the 1st chakra, your root chakra at the base of your perineum, all the way up to the top of your head at the 7th chakra, your crown chakra and everything in between. We will also begin to work with your Kundalini Energy, which in ancient text is described as being the “spark of life” that took root when your spirit entered your body as an infant.  

We will be learning how to activate our “sexual energy”, also know as “life force energy” moving it throughout our entire being, filling up every cell in our body with vibrant and vital life force energy to renew, refresh, and revitalize us in every way imaginable. We will build this energy up and bring it back down several times before releasing it to create a sense of calm, wellbeing, relaxation, and connection to Divine Source.  

It is our divine birthright to be connected to our sexuality in a spiritual way. We will work with whatever conditioning we received around sex and sexuality in our lifetime, especially anything that keeps us from living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.  

After the session is over, we will move into a quite meditative space, connecting with ourselves and bringing the energy back home to our hearts and minds. Giving thanks for showing up and being fully present with the process. We will take some time to clean up and prepare ourselves for a delicious meal. It can be your choice to have a homemade organic meal prepared by 'yours truly”. I can work around any dietary restrictions and/or preferences that you may have, or we can go out to one

DARK TANTRA: BDSM, Fetish & Kink...  

Dark Tantra is a relatively new concept, though it is derived from the age old idea of BDSM, fetish's and kink. Its gives us a different perspective of our sexuality from the shadow or dark side of human nature. Here we will be able to explore domination, submission, respect, trust, surrender and the relinquishment of power and control.  

In a safe, sacred space, you will be able to consciously connect to your deepest self and integrate the light and the dark within you, helping you intimately connect with your passionate inner erotic and sensual being.. 

This session is ideal for those who understand pleasure under a whole new meaning rather than the more traditional definition. This experience involves exploring your darker, deeper fantasies, trapped as mental images bursting to become reality. Dark Tantric Pleasure sessions help you utilize all your senses to enhance the mundane, to create the sacred and experience the profound. Dark sensual touch is recommended once you have already experienced a Divine “Tantric Touch Massage Session”. It is vital that we both feel totally comfortable together. After all, this session explores the darker side of pleasure, pushing limits you may never imagined would manifest such erotic delight and boundaries that require mutual comfort.  

Incorporating the tantric practice of sensual breath work, mindfulness and ritual into our sacred kink play generates a profound sensuality and resonance, while supporting a safe, sane, consensual space, even in the most intense play.  

During these sessions you may refer to me as "MY LADY".  

Serious inquiries only


A Goddess worship session is a combination of both giving and receiving in a Tantric Ritual of worshiping and honoring the “Divine Feminine”. Where not only will you be learning how to worship the Goddess but where YOU will also be learning how to “be worshiped by HER”. This a lesson in the return to a more egalitarian way of living. Where we are seen as equals in the paradigm of creating, procreating, and co-creating life as it is on this planet.  

In ancient times, the feminine face of god, otherwise know as “Sophia” or just “Goddess” was honored, respected, revered and worshiped just as the masculine face of god, otherwise know as “Yahweh” or just “God” is honored and worshiped in modern times. She was seen as the giver of life being that she was the one who bore the burden of carrying a life in her womb for nine months in order to co-create life here on this planet. There was a time when conception, gestation, and birth was seen as something so sacred that the powers that be sought to create laws that prohibited the futility of it. Thus creating a sacrament called marriage and the idea that a woman became a mans property, along with the child growing inside of her body. When this happened, it deemed the male superior and the female inferior and did a grave disservice to our egalitarian way of life, where both the male and the female are created equal in the eyes of nature and the laws of the universe. You can lean more about egalitarianism at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egalitarianism  

We have become “imbalanced” as a result of our ignorance and our arrogance, ignoring the laws of nature and lording it over to amass power, wealth, fame, superiority, dominance, and status. We have become out of tune with the cycles of nature and our connection to the mother earth with her constant unconditional love for us, always giving to help sustain life, never asking for anything in return other than to give thanks for her gifts and not take advantage of her resources for nefarious reasons. When we are out of balance with each other and with nature, things go awry as you have very well seen and maybe even experienced first hand as the effects of climate change happening all over the planet as we speak. Unimaginable and catastrophic destruction, that have killed, maimed and displaced hundreds of thousands of humans, and yet, those of us who are not effected, turn a blind eye to this travesty. What will it take for us to wake up and realize that we are living in old paradigm conditioned belief systems that are no longer working for the good of humanity, but only for the good of a few greedy, selfish, mentally/emotionally and psychologically imbalanced individuals who think they are gods, when in reality they are only human, just like the rest of us.  

When we are out of sync with the qualities of the DIVINE FEMININE, goddess energies that bring about a sense of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Tenderness, and Receptivity, then we are out of sync with ourselves, with others and with Divine Source. The pendulum has swung to far to the other side and distorted what it means to be masculine in our world. We have taken those qualities of strong, assertive, protective and determined and forced them into overbearing, aggressive, selfish, and domineering. It's time for men to listen to women or there wont be anything left to fight for anymore. There is another way to go about living on this planet with one another, in peace, harmony and balance. We just have to be willing to change our minds, open our hearts and trust Divine Source to guide us in the right direction.  

In a Goddess worship session you will be guided to surrender to your own feminine side, learning how to be receptive, sensitive, compassionate, and vulnerable when you are receiving the gift of touch, pleasure, sensuality, and healing energy that your goddess if giving you. You will learn how to let go of your own personal agendas, expectations, and preconceived ideas, of what you think this is (or even should be) about and be open to what is that SHE has to teach you about the secrets of the  

Ancient and Sacred Feminine Mysteries Schools. You will learn how to worship the body as a temple, where our soul resides and our spirit soars. You will learn about the sacredness of our bodies and all the wonders it has to offer. You will also learn how to give as well as receive, honoring the Divine Feminine form. All her sensual curves and delicate angles. From this tip of her toes, to the top of her head and everything in between. You will learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, needs and requests. You will learn about boundaries and consent. And hopefully you will learn more about yourself in the process of learning about HER. We are all Divinely connected. We don't survive without each other. It is important to remember that we all possess both the masculine and feminine energies and qualities within us. It is time to UNLEARN everything that you have been.


I currently offer four main types of sessions for both individuals and couples. Deepen your connection to your body and spiritual being with these powerful offerings. 


Learn more about what types of sessions I offer. 


Please read this important information about scheduling sessions with me. 


Learn more about my extensive experience as a healer and practitioner as well as what tantra is and where it comes from. 


Learn more about who I am and my story. 


Learn more about what tantra is and where it comes from. 


Please read the information below about sessions logistics. I have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy and all clients must go through a thorough screening process. I have a temple space in West Asheville where I host sessions. 


Appointment Times: In Asheville, my preferred hours are between 12pm and 9pm. I do not take calls before or after 10am and 10pm. Appointment times are 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm. I only take 2 to 3 appointments per day depending on the length of the sessions, so please be sure to schedule as far in advance as possible, Same day appts are fine with at least a 2-3hr advance notice. I do not take last min appts! If Im not available when you call or text, please leave me a detailed message (text is preferred) with only your name, age, occupation, phone number and a good time to reach you. I will try to get back to you in a timely manner. If you are calling from a private or blocked number, please dial *82 first as to unblock the number or I will not answer.  

Accommodations: I have a lovely little Temple space in West Asheville where I host sessions. I also do out calls (for an extra fee depending on the distance) to high end hotels only, not private residences.  

When traveling: I usually stay in nice 3 star hotels. I do my best to check in around 2/2:30pm. Appt times are 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm only. I book in 2hr increments, which allows me to have enough time to do either a 60 or 90 min session and still have time to rest in between sessions. If I am in your city for 2 days, the following days appts are at 11am, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9pm. I am sometimes able to do sessions in the morning at 9/9:30 before checkout time (usually at 11am) on the day of my departure.  

Cancellation policy: I have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for ALL patrons. If you must cancel in less than 24 hours, I require that 50% of the suggested donation is offered before rescheduling your next appointment. If you schedule an appointment and do not show or call to cancel, then you must offer the full amount of the missed session before scheduling your next appointment. It is VERY important to keep your commitments once you have scheduled our time together. This is my livelihood and I must rely on your dependability in order to cover my expenses.  

Screening Policy: I have a STRICT screening policy for any and all potential new patrons. If you are interested in scheduling time with me, you must be willing to share your name, age, occupation, telephone number, email address and social media (if possible), as well as a brief description and or picture of yourself. Please feel free to share anything else about yourself that you feel comfortable with or ask any questions you may have for me, however, do keep in mind that I expect complete respect and discretion to protect both our privacy. 


Suggested donations: are based on the going rate for this particular style of coaching and healing work. Please keep in mind that this is not just a therapeutic massage nor is it a solicitation for anything illegal. You are willingly donating the suggested rate for our time spent together and for receiving the ancient wisdom, teachings, and knowledge of "Tantra" and the "Ancient Art of Sacred Sensuality".  

*Sliding Scale is to help make it more affordable if need be. It simply means that you offer the lower amount up front before the session begins and then tip up to the higher amount (which is the going rate for my level of experience and expertise) after the session is over, depending on what you thought of the session and what you can afford. If you are not able to tip, no worries. If however, you are able to tip, offer the full amount or more, it is very much appreciated. I believe that what "Comes Around, Goes Around" and if you are able to "Pay it Forward" that it will come back to you tenfold in the future.  

Suggested donations will be discussed in private based on your level of income and after the screening process is complete.  

Donation offerings: I prefer that donations be offered in the form of cash only at the time of the session. It is customary to offer the donation upfront, no questions asked, before the session begins. Sorry, but there are no money back guarantee


Non Interactive: During a non interactive session you are merely receiving with out doing anything else but enjoying the healing touch. This way you have the permission to surrender and just give in to the relaxing pleasure one receives from being pampered, loved, and nurtured in a healing atmosphere. So just lay back, close your eyes, breath deeply, and let my skilled, healing hands do the rest!  

Interactive: During an interactive session not only do you have the pleasure of receiving but you also get the opportunity to learn how to give as well, so that you will be able to share this knowledge with your significant other(s). Please keep in mind that this is strictly healing touch only (full body, not full service). I expect boundaries to be respected at all times and that everything is kept safe and clean (as not to perpetuate the spread germs, bacteria's, or viruses). While you are receiving, I will talk about what it is that Im doing so that you can try and repeat it when it is your turn to give. While you are giving, I will guide you as to what to do; learning the quality touch, what feels good and what doesn't, etc...  

Couples Sessions: Come with your spouse/partner to learn the "Art of Sacred Sensuality". Enjoy learning how to give and receive pleasure to each other in a safe, loving, nurturing environment. I will share with you the wisdom of the "Ancient Arts" so that you will have the tools to bring more intimacy and passion into your relationship.  

Women's Sessions: Ladies, have you ever wanted to learn how to pleasure your partners and teach them how to pleasure you in return? Come for a coaching session or just come to relax and receive some healing touch for yourself. Whatever, you choose, YOU deserve to have this opportunity as well. 

Goddess Worship Sessions: A Goddess worship session is a combination of both giving and receiving in a Tantric Ritual of worshiping and honoring the “Divine Feminine”. Where not only will you be learning how to worship the Goddess but where YOU will also be learning how to “be worshiped by HER”. This a lesson in the return to a more egalitarian way of living. Where we are seen as equals in the paradigm of creating, procreating, and co-creating life as it is on this planet. Please read more in the "Goddess Worship" section under "session offerings". 

Companionship Sessions: (This is great for people that are new to the area or for people visiting the Asheville area on business and/or pleasure). If you are looking for something a little more personal you may want to consider a "companionship session", where not only will you be booking one or two of the sessions mentioned above, you will also be able to add other activities to spice things up, such as going out on the town for dinner and drinks, or to one of the many amazing craft beer breweries. Maybe you'd like to go to the theater, a show, a movie or live music. Asheville is an amazing town for a weekend gettaway or a day trip to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself in this amazing mountain town of Western North Carlolina where the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains will dazle you with its breathtaking vistas, views, waterfals, rivers, lakes and nature. We (or you) can also do some outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, etc... I have overnight accomodations for those of you wanting to stay for a day or two. The rates for my studio are much less expensive then any hotel in the Asheville area and include a futon couch or queensize loft bed with bathroom and shower included. Allow me be your tourguide... just let me know what you have in mind and I will create a funfilled time for the both of us to enjoy!








"This was my first tantra session. Lady Layla was comfortable and reassuring. I thought I understood that this was a sensual healing session but I could not have anticipated the depth of the connection and healing. I found myself in tears as I let so much go and just was. Over the past week since our session, I have often thought back to the lessons and feel a positive sense of warmth and the beginnings of a deeper understanding of the world and my soul. Thank you Lady Layla. Our paths will cross again. " - Vin D from Virginia  

"Layla is a wonderful teacher. She is compassionate, sensual, caring and knowledgeable. I knew even before meeting her in person that our time together would be special. Her warmth radiates through her written words as much as it does through her touch. Layla helped me understand sensuality in a way I never imagined possible. Her technique was slow, playful and deliberate. She guided me in the ways of dark tantra and I felt awakened to sensations and emotions like never before. Her use of breathing techniques completely enhanced the experience and her soothing voice completed an already wonderful experience. Our time together brought me to both new depths of relaxation and new heights of sensuality. Seeing her again cannot come soon enough." - Kevin from Pensilvania  

"Let me recommend scheduling some time to spend with Layla. My encounter with her with was both tranquil and exhilarating. Her welcoming and calming personality sets a calm and relaxing mood. Her touch is both tender and tantalizing. Even though this was my first session with her, it didn’t take long to feel a sweet and intimate connection that actually evokes a physical and emotional bond. Layla truly put me at ease to receive her energy and this wonderful connection. I look forward to returning and continuing this new journey she has introduced to me." - Thomas from Spartenburg  

"As a novice practitioner of tantra, I contacted Lady Layla via text with specific questions about tantra including breathing technique and internalizing my sexual energy. I scheduled a 1-hour non-interactive session while she was in Greenville. The session was conducted at a very safe and immaculate hotel. The room was spacious, uncluttered and a perfect environment for a tantra session; slightly dimmed lighting, an appealing fragrance that was not overwhelming, and relaxing music playing softly in the background. Upon entering the room, Lady Layla offered me a water and we sat on the couch to talk and get to know each other before the session began. Lady Layla is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and we connected immediately. After answering my questions, I disrobed and climbed on top of the massage table. Lady Layla was very professional throughout the session. We began the session with eye gazing, embracing, practicing our breathing, and deepening our mutual connection. This was followed by a tantric massage. Lady Layla softly explained what she was doing and occasionally asked me questions about myself. I was totally relaxed and felt compelled to open up to her about internal blockages that were inhibiting intimacy within myself and with others. I was personally exposed and totally vulnerable. Lady Layla was understanding and up-lifting. My absolute trust in Lady Layla was rewarded with a cathartic healing that remains with me today. I look forward to our next session." - Vick from Greenville  

"Layla’s presence and warmth are completely genuine and without pretense as is time with her in a session. She is incredibly engaging and grounded in tantric practices. The interchange of energy in our interactive session, her gentle encouragement, her responsiveness and her ability to focus her energy and mine created an intense connected experience, an experience in which I was able to more profoundly inhabit my breath and body. Her wealth of knowledge and openness, her perspective on life and sexuality, her acceptance and willingness to share of herself and her deep understanding are all uniquely moving and valuable. There is much more to experience with Layla and I can only hope I will have the opportunity to be in more sessions with her." - Larry from Columbia  



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