Contact/Screening Process

PLEASE read over my site before contacting me for an appointment. Everything you need to know about my sessions/services is here for your convenience and should answer any questions, concerns, or curiosities that you may have.  

*Screening is a very important part of the process. Its meant to help both the provider and the patron get to know each other better. I expect open, honest, and transparent communication which will help us to have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Please take this opportunity to express your feelings, emotions, wants, needs, hopes, desires and fears. Let me know what your intentions are for scheduling a session with me, or if you have any expectations or agendas... and also, what you hope to achieve, accomplish, learn and gain from our time together. Let me know what led you to seek out my assistance and why you feel particularly attracted to working with me. Please know that any information you choose to share will be kept in the strictest of confidence and held in a safe container, as to allow you/us to express your/our selves freely and without any inhibitions.  

  • Please contact me (I prefer text for initial correspondence) with your NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, and brief description and/or photo of your self.  You may also email me at magikhands2008@hotmail if text is not an option, or leave a voicemail at (828)747-5092, if I'm not able to answer your call.
  • Anything else that you're comfortable sharing about yourself such as a website, social media platform or dating site profile is also helpful in helping me get to know you better. 
  • References: If you have ever seen any other practitioners, providers, healers, coaches, etc... please provide their names and contact info so I can contact them for a reference.  
  • I do not accept calls with blocked or private numbers, so please dial *82 to unblock your number.  
  • I do not tolerate any vulgar or inappropriate language and expect to be treated with the same respect and dignity as you will be treated with. 
  • I will provide the sliding scale suggested donations for my time, via text or email after you have completed the screening process and are ready to book an appt.
  • I am very much looking forward to connecting with you soon.  

Blessings, Lady Layla. (828)747-5092 

*Remember to include:  




*Description/pic of yourself (nothing graphic or obscene please):



*Social Media:  

*Dating Profile:  





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* in the Carolinas under Massage and Tantra (pics avail)  

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