Please allow me to introduce myself. I go by 'Lady Layla', but you can just call me Layla. I have been on this sacred tantric journey my entire life. I know that I was brought into this world to share this amazing gift for growth, transformation and spiritual awakening with my fellow humans. Every single thing that I have done, encountered and experienced has led me to this moment. I am honored beyond words to share this journey with you.  

I was born in October of 1966, during a very turbulent time in our nation. I was brought up on the East Coast in a quiet, little suburban neighborhood in P.G. County, MD, just outside of Wash. DC. My ancestry is Sicilian and I was raised Catholic. I lived a very sheltered life until I was old enough to think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings. I wanted to know more about life so when I was 21, I moved to San Fransisco in 1988. I was young, carefree, wild, rebellious, and reckless. I had learned many lessons the hard way through trial and tribulation, and I don't regret one moment of it. Although it has left many scars that will probably last a lifetime, I can honestly say that when I give you advice about life's hardships, that I can speak directly from experience. I am fully aware that painful memories can inhibit our wellbeing and keep us stuck in old behaviors and patterns. Currently, I am still on a journey of healing, one that will probably never end...I am happy to share myself with you in the deepest of ways, as raw, real, genuine and authentic as I can. I am only human, just like you and I make no claims to be anymore enlightened than anyone else. If experience could speak for itself, then I would have a an entire Encyclopedia Britannica to share with you.  

I first learned about Tantra after graduating from massage school in Northern CA when I moved to an intentional spiritual community called 'The Church of New Age Being', also known as Harbin Hot Springs. Located in the little town of Middletown in Lake County, CA, I lived, worked and learned more about life in the 8 short years that I resided there before moving to Asheville,NC in 2001. Once I moved to NC, I continued my journey as a student, practitioner, healer, Tantrica, Dakini, and priestess of the sacred healing art of Tantra. It is my honor to share my talents and wisdom with those of you who feel divinely guided to this very special path of enlightenment.