"This was my first tantra session. Lady Layla was comfortable and reassuring. I thought I understood that this was a sensual healing session but I could not have anticipated the depth of the connection and healing. I found myself in tears as I let so much go and just was. Over the past week since our session, I have often thought back to the lessons and feel a positive sense of warmth and the beginnings of a deeper understanding of the world and my soul. Thank you Lady Layla. Our paths will cross again. " - Vin D from Virginia  

"Layla is a wonderful teacher. She is compassionate, sensual, caring and knowledgeable. I knew even before meeting her in person that our time together would be special. Her warmth radiates through her written words as much as it does through her touch. Layla helped me understand sensuality in a way I never imagined possible. Her technique was slow, playful and deliberate. She guided me in the ways of dark tantra and I felt awakened to sensations and emotions like never before. Her use of breathing techniques completely enhanced the experience and her soothing voice completed an already wonderful experience. Our time together brought me to both new depths of relaxation and new heights of sensuality. Seeing her again cannot come soon enough." - Kevin from Pensilvania  

"Let me recommend scheduling some time to spend with Layla. My encounter with her with was both tranquil and exhilarating. Her welcoming and calming personality sets a calm and relaxing mood. Her touch is both tender and tantalizing. Even though this was my first session with her, it didn’t take long to feel a sweet and intimate connection that actually evokes a physical and emotional bond. Layla truly put me at ease to receive her energy and this wonderful connection. I look forward to returning and continuing this new journey she has introduced to me." - Thomas from Spartenburg  

"As a novice practitioner of tantra, I contacted Lady Layla via text with specific questions about tantra including breathing technique and internalizing my sexual energy. I scheduled a 1-hour non-interactive session while she was in Greenville. The session was conducted at a very safe and immaculate hotel. The room was spacious, uncluttered and a perfect environment for a tantra session; slightly dimmed lighting, an appealing fragrance that was not overwhelming, and relaxing music playing softly in the background. Upon entering the room, Lady Layla offered me a water and we sat on the couch to talk and get to know each other before the session began. Lady Layla is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and we connected immediately. After answering my questions, I disrobed and climbed on top of the massage table. Lady Layla was very professional throughout the session. We began the session with eye gazing, embracing, practicing our breathing, and deepening our mutual connection. This was followed by a tantric massage. Lady Layla softly explained what she was doing and occasionally asked me questions about myself. I was totally relaxed and felt compelled to open up to her about internal blockages that were inhibiting intimacy within myself and with others. I was personally exposed and totally vulnerable. Lady Layla was understanding and up-lifting. My absolute trust in Lady Layla was rewarded with a cathartic healing that remains with me today. I look forward to our next session." - Vick from Greenville  

"Layla’s presence and warmth are completely genuine and without pretense as is time with her in a session. She is incredibly engaging and grounded in tantric practices. The interchange of energy in our interactive session, her gentle encouragement, her responsiveness and her ability to focus her energy and mine created an intense connected experience, an experience in which I was able to more profoundly inhabit my breath and body. Her wealth of knowledge and openness, her perspective on life and sexuality, her acceptance and willingness to share of herself and her deep understanding are all uniquely moving and valuable. There is much more to experience with Layla and I can only hope I will have the opportunity to be in more sessions with her." - Larry from Columbia