Divine Masculinity November 1, 2018

Divine Masculinity:  

Learn how to cultivate the “Divine Masculine” energy within yourself by first learning what it means. When we ask ourselves what the difference is between Divine Masculine, Masculine and Toxic Masculine, what are we really asking? Lets first start with just “Masculine”… What does it mean to “be masculine” in our world? Traditionally masculine traits are typically this: strong, powerful, dominant, bold, courageous, assertive, aggressive, and sometimes, even violent. Men have been conditioned to be the protector/provider for their families, tribes, communities and countries. They have been bred to fight, even to the death to uphold these values. They have been taught that emotions and feelings are a feminine trait and that if they show their true feelings, it is a sign of weakness and therefor may even see the female as the weaker sex as a direct result of allowing themselves to be vulnerable. This in fact, is how “Toxic Masculinity” was created. So what is “Toxic Masculinity” you may ask? Well this is a relatively new concept but in my opinion but “Toxic Masculinity” is a direct result of hundreds, if not thousands of years of repression, oppression and suppression of mens abilities to access their feelings, emotions and intuition. In fact these things are “human qualities”, not just “feminine qualities” and both men and women have the capability to experience them simultaneously. Same with women being able to experience “masculine qualities” and often have with “The feminist movement”. Men haven't really had a “masculinist movement”… until NOW. Its called “The Divine Masculine movement” and men are starting to wake up to the FACT they are not whole beings, given the opportunity to access the full range of their human qualities, including being a loving, nurturing father, a kind, compassionate neighbor, or a generous, giving friend or family member, in order to be a productive member of society. In fact, the only things that they were taught is that they must be willing to FIGHT and even DIE to uphold “what it means to be a man” in this world.  

This goes all the way back to the creation myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where eve was supposedly created by God from one of Adams ribs. And as a result the women comes from within the man and therefore should be submissive and subservient to him in return for his sacrifice. But this is nothing less then a myth, just like the rest of mythology and should not be taken literally. In fact, I know of another part of the creation myth that was deliberately left out of the bibles and religious texts by the hand of certain men that wanted to be in power because it shows a different story… one that see's men and women as equals. In the Gnostic Gospels the story tells of "Sophia", the feminine face of God who created Lilith, the first woman in the Garden of Eden and "Yahweh", the masculine face of God who created Adam, the first man in the Garden of Eden. Together they lived in harmony until one day Adam fancied himself superior because of his “physical strength” and abilities to carry out tasks that she couldn't. He told Lilith that she needed to submit to him and do as he instructed her to do because of this and that if she didn't God would punish her. She didn't feel the need to do this because she felt that they both had equal standing and there was no reason for Adam to prove is superiority over her inferiority. One day when they were “making love” Adam insisted that Lilith lay still in the missionary position beneath him while taking liberties with her body for his pleasure. Lilith resisted and pulled away, demanding that she too could have what she wanted for her pleasures as well. The couple squabbled and fought over this until Lilith decided to leave the Garden of Eden and set off on her own to find her “equal”. Some say that she was banished and some say that she left of her own volition but ether way Adam was left to his own defenses without a women to provide him any companionship. He threw his hands up in frustration and begged for Yahweh to bring his woman back to the Garden but all his God told him was that he couldn't control her, for she had the “free will” to choose her own destiny. So feeling compassion for Adams predicament, he took a rib from Adams body and created Eve… the equivalent of the “submissive, subservient fe-male” that is described so well in the Judeo-Christian and monotheistic religions we know today as Jewish, Christian and Islam.  

Is it so difficult to believe that when writing the Bible, men took liberties with how “they thought” things “should be” as opposed to the way God (Yahweh) and Goddess (Sophia) actually meant things to be? It is my belief that according to “Natural law, which is a philosophy asserting that certain rights are inherent by virtue of human nature, endowed by nature—traditionally by God or a transcendent source—and that these can be understood universally through human reason”... that every Human being, no matter what color their skin, which region of the world they come from, or whether or not they see themselves as a man or a woman, has the right to choose for themselves how they want to live in accordance with their higher selves? Who are we as individuals to judge anyones else's actions but our own? In retrospect, could it be that we are living out of accordance with God/Goddess's will and are therefor reaping the ills of being out of alignment with our own true selves? Could it be possible that we were truly meant to live in harmony with ourselves, with others, and with all of the natural world that is our home here on the planet earth?  

When I think about how far things have come and how messed up the world has become as a result of mans will to “lord it over” and seek out power for personal gain and self-righteous reasons, it was only natural for me to want to dig down deeper to answer these quintessential questions about masculinity, femininity, and the fate of the human race, which literally lies in the balance of total inhalation and peaceful coexistence. I do believe in Peace on Earth and I believe it begins with each and everyone of us to trust our own instincts and leave the middleman out. Its time that everyone stop relying on OLD systems and belief systems that were set up to undermine our direct connection with the Divine Source of ALL creation, which is NOT just masculine or feminine, but BOTH!!!  

This is where the “The Divine Masculine” comes in. This is where men start to question EVERYTHING that they were conditioned to believe in from day one. From identifying with the status-quo of what a “real man” should look like, act like and ultimately be like in the world according to WHO? It is not our responsibility to follow others based on fear and intimidation. It is only our responsibility to follow our own hearts, minds, emotions, feelings, intuition, and free will when it comes to making decisions and choices for our "highest good". It is my firm belief that when we are forced to do the bidding of someone else based on what they think or say is the right or proper way of doing things, that we give a part of our soul away to them and therefore think that we need the perceived person in power to guide us in the right direction, only to find out that they have been guiding us in the wrong direction to fulfill their own personal, greedy and quite possibly even evil agenda all along. As humanity starts to wake up from the slumber of ignorance and naivety, it is our responsibility to hold those accountable for any wrong doing towards our fellow human beings and show them the right way to live which includes kindness, compassion, charity, and unconditional love. The powers that be might have you believe that those such qualities are “effeminate” and that men shouldn't engage in such things. But I am here to tell you that these qualities are neither masculine nor feminine, but only HUMAN… and are we not human? I ask you this, to look inside and trust your gut instincts when it comes to the fate of the human race... what will YOU do? Will you just stand ideally by and watch as your “toxic masculine” brothers continue to make the same mistakes that have driven humanity to the brink of destruction, being content with just being the “masculine”? Or will you stand up for what you know is right and rise to the elevation of “Divine Masculine” where you are innately in touch with yourself, with your higher self, and with the Divine Source of ALL Creation? Do the right thing and choose wisely. The world is depending on you to protect and provide, not just for your family but for everyones families.