Illusion of Separation September 26, 2018

Lets face it, we live in a world of "duality"... in other words, "opposites". For example, man and woman, right and wrong, good and evil, day and night, etc... But just because there's a line between these opposites that somehow indicate that they are separate, doesn't mean that they aren't somehow connected with each other... because while we live in this state of supposed duality, we also live in a state of "Symbiosis" as well, where everything is interconnected in its own way. The very definition of Symbiosis is "any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms, be it mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic. The organisms, each termed a symbiont, may be of the same or of different species". So you see, the whole idea of "separation" is just and illusion. Think about is like this: We all walk on the same earth, we all look up at the same sky, sun, moon and stars, we all breath the same air, drink the same water, and eat the same foods that the earth provides for us. We all bleed the same color of red, even though the same blood that is coursing though our veins is blue. We can all see, taste, touch, smell and hear with our five senses. We are all born, grow old and die and therefore are not as different as we are made out to be. But there is a process to everything under the sun. Just like plants cannot live without sun and water, we cannot live without them either.  

Our capacity to understand these things is great indeed, however, from the very beginning of our lives, we have been taught to forget. Why? Why is it that our parents conditioned us to believe in one religion and not ALL of them? Why is it that we were taught to believe in only ONE god and not many or none? Why is it that we were told that men are superior to women and that women should be submissive and subservient to men? Why is it that cultures are divided by class, skin color, race, religion and politics? Why are we taught to hate anyone and anything that is not in alignment with how we were raised? Its so limiting and to me its so frustrating. I believe it has to do with the limited capacity for our brains to hold information. They say that most humans only use 10% of their brain function. Just imagine what it could be like if all of a sudden we could use 100%. We would truly have to evolve way past where we are at now to get to that place. But evolution is a tricky thing. It will happen and IS happening as we speak. It cannot be stopped no matter how much we might want it to or no matter how much we don't believe in it, its going to happen. Yet, we keep fighting against it. Why?  

Evolution is a mystery unto itself. It is the process of life unfolding before our very eyes. My personal belief is that evolution IS GOD... desperately trying to understand itself though its creation. Ive heard it said that God is Love. But if God is love then where did evil come from? And if we are born innocent then taught to hate, where does that hate come from? Could it be a mental construct of the mind or ego? The ego merely wants to be right... and in order for it to do that, it has to make distinctions between what it thinks is right or wrong. It has a limited view of duality brought on by what it is conditioned to believe in. But we are not just our ego's. We are infinite consciousness, ebbing and flowing just like the ocean tides. If we come from God and God is Love, then therefore we are inherently Love/Good and it is only through the heart and the soul that we can come to understand this, not the mind or or ego. The ego is a purely human trait. It is not that of pure consciousness or spiritual awareness. When we die, so does the ego die with us because it is no longer needed to make decisions, distinctions, or discernments in this three dimensional reality. But the consciousness that is our thoughts, memories, and cognitions live on and is transferred back to into the universe to become one with the matrix or the unified field only to be recycled back into another human body at a later time.  

The moral of this story? Stop listening to everything that you've been taught and told and start listening to your heart and soul.